A Weather Bomb Is About To Hit Us

Its all over every news show and tv station. It may be March but this is far from Spring weather. The biggest, most powerful storm of the winter is about to hit us any minute. The snow has already started in some areas. The winds are to reach dangerous speeds and the excessive snowfall will take away any visibility. The reporters are calling this a winter hurricane. First one in years. I honestly have to say that I’m excited about this. I could totally be one of those storm chasers. I love it. Just looking out the window and seeing that the winds are picking up speed is making me feel all giddy. I’m such a nerd.

But I’m a prepared nerd!

Candles – check
Bbq lighter for candles – check
Flashlights with batteries – check
Fluids – check
Small generator/power source – check
Electric blanket that can be plugged into power source – check
Non perishable food – check
Fully charged cell phone – check

I think we’re ready for this ‘winter hurricane’ now. As ready as we’re going to get anyways. So … BRING IT ON!!!!


About Secret Stains

I wanna do something that matters, say something different, something that sets the whole world on it's ear. i wanna do something better with the time I've been given and I wanna try to touch a few hearts in this life to prove I was here. I apologize if I seem absent minded sometimes. Sometimes I forget I'm still awake and say things out loud. Inside I am beginning to burst at the seams. There are so many secrets ... so many scars ... so many stains. This is me. Welcome to my world.
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