Sometimes I hate all day … sometimes I hate all night
Sometimes I hate everything but sometimes that’s alright – right?
Gotta get a grip …. 

I should not be feeling the way that I do. But how does one control the wide range of emotions that keep hitting you 24/7? Directionless. That’s it. And impatient. My life will have more of a clear direction by the end of this month. It could go either way. I may end up heartbroken; I may end up with my dreams coming true. Only 2 ways things can go, but I have to wait and see.

While everyone around me has dreams coming true, new adventures, new jobs, new relationships, new homes, new friends, and brand new goals and dreams, I feel stuck.

Motionless. Not moving forward. Backward. Not even moving to the side. I’m stuck.

Not knowing where to step next.


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