When you brush your teeth you inevitably swallow or absorb a little bit of toothpaste.

If it contains toxic chemicals, as most commercial toothpastes do, then you’re basically swallowing those toxic chemicals at least two times every single day.

Solution: switch to natural toothpaste.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on toothpaste the past few days and the things I’ve found are shocking!! One that really stood out says to watch out for triclosan a synthetic pesticide that’s added to commercial toothpastes. It is most likely put in there for it’s antimicrobial properties. But get this – it’s believed to interfere with normal thyroid functioning, and it’s classified as potentially toxic, harmful, an irritant and environmentally toxic. It’s been banned in Canada and Japan. So why not ban it everywhere?? I don’t understand that.

It’s absolutely baffling why it’s allowed in American toothpastes (like Colgate), but it is, and we have to educate ourselves to find alternatives. There are lots of things to use in place of these poisonous toothpastes. Just google it and do some reading. What you find might shock you!


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