Something Is Seriously Wrong With Me …

… and I’m afraid to find out what it is.

I had a call-back to see my doctor today after getting some concerning blood test results. An extremely high level of Prolactin was found in my blood and I am now being scheduled for a STAT MRI. These are a few bits of info I have found online about what this could be:

Women who are not pregnant or nursing may begin producing breast milk. Some women may experience a loss of libido (interest in sex) and breast pain, especially when prolactin levels begin to rise for the first time, as the hormone promotes tissue changes in the breast. Intercourse may become painful because of vaginal dryness.

Nonpregnant women 4–23 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) or 4–23 micrograms per liter (mcg/L)

My levels showed a level of 115 mcg/L


High levels of prolactin may mean a pituitary gland tumor (prolactinoma) is present. The higher the prolactin level, the more likely a pituitary gland tumor is present. An MRI test may be done if a pituitary tumor is suspected. Other conditions that can cause high prolactin levels include pregnancy, liver disease (cirrhosis), kidney disease, and hypothyroidism. Prolactin secretion can also be caused by certain cancers, such as lung cancer.


9 thoughts on “Something Is Seriously Wrong With Me …

  1. that is really really scary! 😦 im sorry youre going thru this, but you should get your answer soon. i remember you saying you became toxic when on lithium and had kidney failure and clots in your lungs. is it possible this is the likely cause of the current problem?

    try to stay positive until you get your answers. (((hugs)))


    • Thank you and i love you too 💕
      I miss you. Ive been giving you space as i feel I am only a bother to you when I txt. I am sorry that I do not have anything to offer that could help you along your own journey. If u need me u know how to reach me. I would really like to get a video message from u one day. Like old times. But I also understand that your life is changing. New relationships. Full time work. Family. Im very happy for you. I just dont want to be left out.
      And just so you know, i am also praying for you. 💞💜💞


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