Learning About Awareness & Understanding During Bipolar States

   This is an excerpt from a part of my reading assignment today. Have I mentioned that I am quite excited about being able to register and get accepted into this course? This is only the first week and already I have learned a lot of valuable things. This is one thing that I will never regret doing.


The course teaches better awareness, deeper understanding of how to function during states, and helps recognize things of value we can find in the states. Through that you will learn the relationships between these important lessens and the things we measure in this lesson. These relationships are core to the concepts of Bipolar IN Order, so let’s explore them in a little detail here.

Mania and depression do not not just turn on and off like a light bulb connected to a switch. The intensity changes as if you had a dimmer switch that goes from barely lit at all to full intensity. The assessments show that one could be 20 percent, 40 percent, 60 percent or 80 percent, but you could learn to delineate it in 10 percent increments from 10 percent to 100 percent as you develop greater awareness. The important point is that there is a substantial difference between being 20 percent manic or depressed and 80 percent manic or depressed.

Our awareness at different intensities changes in interesting ways. An untrained person, for example, is often unable to recognize the high and low manias but is very aware of the moderate ones. The same person may be acutely aware of moderate and deep depressions yet be unaware of the low intensity ones. Such variation of awareness has a huge effect on our ability to know that we’re in a state or can function during it.

One can be acutely aware that the car is sliding out of control but have no idea how to correct the steering and get back under control. It takes a functional understanding plus awareness to be able to keep depression and mania in control at any given intensity. Teaching awareness and understanding at various levels of intensity are the central components of this course.

When students learn awareness and functional understanding, their ability to function during states of mania and depression increases substantially. They find themselves functioning well in states that previously were filled with disorder.

Our understanding and concurrent functionality brings great comfort to both ourselves and others. We may not like being depressed, for example, but we do become comfortable during such episodes. As comfort increases, we find it easier to both function and gain a deeper understanding of the states.

When we become more aware, deepen our understanding, increase functionality and gain comfort, we begin to see value in states that were once looked upon as nothing but a curse. Finding value creates an additional feedback mechanism that supports greater functionality. When we value something, for example, we tend to be more willing to endure pains that we were previously too uncomfortable to tolerate. We also tend to function better during such episodes.

It is also critical that we learn to recognize the role of time. The longer we’re in the state, the more difficult it is to maintain high levels of functionality. No matter how much we understand the state, each passing moment makes it more difficult to maintain control over it.

Learning to extend the time that we can maintain functionality is the difference between disorder and in order.

This course is designed to increase our awareness, understanding and functionality through specific steps outlined in the upcoming lessons in this course.


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