Miss Independant

It’s been a really long, tiresome week. With hubby being off work due to a back injury he’s been pretty much confined to the couch for the past 6 days. As of tomorrow he is cleared to go back out into the real world. Not only is this freedom for him but also freedom for me! After surrendering my own drivers license a few years after the accident, when it was quite clear that I would never have the nerve to drive a motor vehicle since becoming an amputee, after that I became more reliable on David for my transportation. 9 chances out of 10 we are always together but sometimes when I want to do things like visit my grandparents for the evening I need to get him to drive me there and pick me up.

So this week we haven’t gone anywhere together. Yesterday evening I went out for a few hours by myself but I still had to depend on someone for a ride. This week has made me realize that I’m not as independent as I thought I was. It has never really sunk in this much before that not having a driver’s license creates such limitations. But it does. I’ve been made well aware of that this week.

And since tomorrow David is able to go back 75% of his usual duties, we are planning on getting out of this apartment and taking a road trip! Its hard to believe that in approx a week we will be moving into OUR new house! No more apartment building life for us (I hope)!

(I just wish I had support from from all of my friends)


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