At Witt’s End 


I knew getting a Labrador puppy was going to be a challenge. I thought I had sufficiently prepared myself with page after page after page of information from trainers and veterinarians and breeders and pet owners about the many aspects of puppy training and health care and behaviour modification. I listened to hours of podcast episodes. I visited several pet stores to get suggestions on the best puppy products on the market so that I was well informed on the things I was buying for the new little addition that was soon coming into my life. My journal has many entries where I expressed my excitement as well as my fears about how I was going to properly care for this little one when there are days when I can hardly care for myself.
Now tonight I’m sitting here feeling more defeated than I have in a very long time. Today has been a day from hell. My shoes, my hand, my brother’s arm, the broom, the garbage bucket, the floor mat, tv remote and my laptop cord have all been chewed up. I have washed several loads of soiled laundry, scrubbed the floors and washed my hands more times than I can count because little Zoey refuses to grasp that our house is not her toilet. And I am so tired of running after her. 

Progress tomorrow? 


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