Don’t tell me that you understand,Don’t tell me that you know.

Don’t tell me that I will survive,

How I will surely grow.
Don’t tell me this is just a test,

That I am truly blessed.

That I am chosen for this task,

Apart from all the rest.
Don’t come at me with answers

That can only come from me.

Don’t tell me how my grief will pass

That I will soon be free.
Don’t stand in pious judgement

Of the bonds I must untie.

Don’t tell me how to suffer,

And don’t tell me how to cry.
My life is filled with selfishness,

My pain is all I see.

But I need you, I need your love,

Accept me in my ups and downs,

I need someone to share.

Just hold my hand and let me cry

And say, “My friend, I care.”


About Secret Stains

I wanna do something that matters, say something different, something that sets the whole world on it's ear. i wanna do something better with the time I've been given and I wanna try to touch a few hearts in this life to prove I was here. I apologize if I seem absent minded sometimes. Sometimes I forget I'm still awake and say things out loud. Inside I am beginning to burst at the seams. There are so many secrets ... so many scars ... so many stains. This is me. Welcome to my world.
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One Response to Don’t 

  1. victorenesi says:

    Don’t tell me anything 🙂

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