Black – My Christmas Color

So I ended up getting a black eye for Christmas. It looks awful. So no holiday pictures this year. I was lying on my tummy face to face with Zoey and I was trying to teach her to do the patty cake rhyme. So we were playing around and then I asked her to give me a high five, which she knows how to do. But high fives are not meant to be done lying down. She up with her paw to do it and missed my hand. Her nails came right down across my eye, scratching it inside, put a slight tear in my lower lid, and caused it to bleed. Quite a bit. I kept an ice cold cloth against my face for a while to bring the swelling down but in no time it was bruised and now it’s a full blown black eye. It wasn’t Zoey’s fault. We were playing and it was an accident. I hope it doesn’t stay like this too long. I’ve never had a black eye before so I don’t know how long these normally last.

It’s not the most attractive thing to see when I look in the mirror, that’s for sure.   


4 thoughts on “Black – My Christmas Color

    • Yeah it did look pretty awful. But thankfully my cornea wasn’t affected and it healed up without needing a doctor visit. The holidays are over and my eye is better and it’s the start of a new year.
      Wish you all the best in the coming months 💕

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      • Wishing you light and love 💕💕💕Thank you for letting me know about your eye. Things will the eyes scare me. 💕💕Blessings for lots of love in the new year. 💕💕


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