New Doesn’t Always Mean Better 

Broken down. Sitting in our cold, steamed up car with Zoey, wrapped up in her blanket on my lap. Right in front of the door at the vet clinic. Tow truck is coming. 

But …. no idea what Zoey and I are going to do now. I can’t step up in a big high truck. I don’t have the strength or balance to do so. These are the times that make me so incredibly embarrassed about my disability. 

Another thing. This is our BRAND NEW CAR. Brand new 2015, drove her off the lot 6 months ago. And now she’s broke down. Make sense out of that! We should NOT be stuck out in the freezing cold as we watch a tow truck haul away our new car, leaving us stranded in Gander. 

I am NOT a happy camper.



Please Fix Our Car

Sitting in my father in law’s car, warning up. Poor pooch don’t know what’s happening. This was one eventful trip to the vet!


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