Soda Craving 

After going 2 weeks without any diet soda and not even experiencing a single desire for it, I am craving it so bad today that I’m close to chewing my fingers off. It’s not like I used drink a lot of it either, maybe a single can a day with some days none at all.
So why such intense craving today?
Your guess is as good as mine.


3 thoughts on “Soda Craving 

  1. I found quitting and then giving in to the craving, I am craving it worse then ever. I am afraid to buy the big bottle because I will drink it all so I waste money on a small bottle and stop there. None in the house. Can only get it if I go out and I do sometimes go out for it and in the middle of the night.


  2. when you crave it think of how loaded with sugar it is. maybe that willl kerb it? i used to drink tons of coke and I know all too well what the cravings are like. I think though there are like 18 teaspoons of sugar in one can. XX

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