Afternoon Reality Check 

I need to get it through my head that I am not my body. My appearance does not have the ability to take away from who I am as a person. My accomplishments are not invalidated because of the way I look. I will not be a different person if I lose an excessive amount of weight. Even though part of me does believe this, I know logically that becoming skinny is not the thing I need to  make me happy …. and one of these days I’m really hoping I genuinely believe that and can focus on what’s important. 


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Reality Check 

  1. Well done you for posting how you feel out on here. Of course you are not your body, you are so so much more than that…and then some more! We all carry our bodies around with us. I am now 60 but feel as if I were still that young girl going to school all those years ago. We are each unique, special human beings with something of value to bring to this world. Keep happy and take good care. 😊 Nice photo!


  2. Hello, Beautiful Lady!

    Here is one of my favorite positive affirmations for you. 🙂

    You are BEAUTIFUL
    You are WORTHY
    You are IMPORTANT
    You are SPECIAL
    You are UNIQUE
    You are WONDERFUL
    You are TALENTED


  3. Our body is the vessel of our soul God’s given to us and thinks we’re beautiful from the inside out. You are one of the most beautiful and inspiring people I know! P.S. Love the pic, just gorgeous!!


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