The Struggle. Its Much Too Real

Well, my journey to the land of the healthy living is still going strong. For the month of May I lost 15 pounds. I need to get someone to help me update my measurements. We are now 10 days into the month of June and things are pretty steady. I’m finding there to be quite a lot more struggles lately that are becoming harder to overcome. And I have my mental illness to thank for that.

My moods have been very erratic this week. Moments of great productivity turn into hours of lying on the couch feeling nothing other than deep despair. I follow my meal plan for a while without any complaining but then my brain starts to sizzle and crackle as if it was a bowl of rice crispies and then it snaps and I gorge on whatever my husband happens to be eating at the time, which is usually something unhealthy. And I feel better.

Not really. I don’t want the food. What I want is to silence my brain. A long nights sleep may help. Tired. So. So. Tired.                                                                                                                                         2016-05-09 17.06.56


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