On The Road To A Healthy Me

June 25th Check In:

Had a strong, determined and committed day! I need to improve the water intake. As per my goal for this week I have been working really hard on eating every 2-3 hours and it’s been feeling almost impossible to do. But today has been the closest to perfection as I’m going to get. I got my food group servings  in through 4 small meals. I have one fruit put aside specifically for a snack around 9pm. 

I often find myself hungry at night and since I usually don’t go to bed before midnight I’m going to try reserving one serving every day for a small 9pm snack. I’m really learning a lot about what does and does not work for me and I’m trying to implement things to deal with this stuff. 

Food Intake: Met my goals, no more/no less

Water Intake: 2.5 liters 

Protein Shake✔



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