3 ligaments in my foot are ripped and my ankle is severely sprained. 2 weeks of strict bed rest to avoid further injury because my ankle is very unstable. No weight bearing whatsoever for 2 weeks then I go back to get reassessed. 

I’m devastated. Done nothing but cry – from pain and disappointment that something like this had to happen. 

It’s soooo painful!!! And I can’t use crutches. Not even one because it hurts under my arm. I got a cane from another family member that I’m using to balance myself to get to the bathroom. I have never felt so helpless before. I have one arm to work with and now I only have one foot. Only positive thing is that the foot isn’t permanent like the arm. 

But 2 weeks of complete bed rest now and then another 2 of just mild weight bearing. I’m going to go insane. And with David working time is going to be soooo long. I’ve been eating apples and strawberries today because I can’t stand up to make anything to eat and David is working until 9pm. 

Oh me nerves!!!!

I’ll be ok. I’m just panicking right now about the whole thing.


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