I Want You

I want you to moan. I want you to whisper in my ear, pretending like you were trying to hide the sound, like you’re trying to smother it but I still hear it.

I want your fingernails to dig into my skin and your lips to move faster and harder and deeper against mine.

I want your eyes roll back into your head and your body to push into mine until we are sticking to each other skin.

I want to feel the heat radiating from your skin.

I want to feel your muscles shake against my flesh.

I want you to beg and I want you to throw your head back stuttering for more.

I want your neck to be exposed for me to bite and your chest to be bare so it can be skin on skin and flesh on flesh.

I want my legs wrapped around you.

I want us to grind on each other so hard it makes your muscles clinch and your jaw drop and your face to tense up with pure ecstasy.

I want you.

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