I know this sounds weird,

But sometimes, I wonder what my bed sheets say about me when I’m not around.
I wonder what the curtains would do if they found out about all the things I’ve done behind their backs.
I’ve got a hamper that’s overflowing with really, really loud mistakes, and a graveyard in my closet.
I’m afraid that if I let you see my skeletons, you’ll grind my bones into powder and get high on my fault lines.

Fighting For My Life 

I hate when my mornings run into the afternoons and then turn into evenings. My day is nothing but a blur. I swear I can feel the weight on my shoulders of a million worries. I’ve been arguing with my own self within my thoughts all day. It’s just like a never-ending game of tug-of-war. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. I try my best to portray confidence with a smile to match. It’s easy to cover up my anxieties, but if you really knew what challenged me today, you’d understand what an absolute victory it is for me to still be alive ….