In The Heat Of The Night 

When nights are hot and sticky 

And cotton clings in dripping hues

I sip the smell of feral sweat and

Stir the beast that chases off the blues 


You can have your cool encounters and 

Those warm-me winter cuddles but 

I’d rather pant in dripping smiles

Spent afloat upon your belly’s puddles 


Not for me are those sanitary nights

Of cool satin and fluffy pillow shams

Give me your heat

Your wet compliant company 

Then walk me out in time to catch my morning tram. 

Transformations Come In Many Forms 

Aside from the obvious outer appearance
there are many other ways wecan transform ourselves when we decide to start living healthy. 

 I’ve been seeing a lot of posts online about before/after physical transformations. Amazing accomplishments!  But what no one sees is what’s changing on the inside. It’s a never ending journey as we grow to better understand ourselves & to better understand others. So many people have such low self esteem & suffer from the lack of confidence. It all stems from how we look on the outside, creating the ” I CAN ” and the ridding of ” I CAN’T “. 

Our mindset totally changes when we feel more confident in our bodies. The feeling of contentment, the fact where we all feel like we could take on the world. Transforming our abilities to see that with change, comes a happier life. 

For some, it’s more about lowering sugar levels, or relieving stress, helping with depression, extending life expectancy, or gaining energy for our children/grandchildren. Whatever change you seek, it CAN happen. The hardest part is taking that first step . 

Remember ……. 

Change helps us grow into better people ……. 

Change creates new perspectives……..

 Change is GOOD !!